Leo and Max

Leo and Max were my first two kitties. I first got them in 1997, and these pictures were taken shortly after. They were probably born in late February. I have a third cat, Onyx, that I got in December 1999. She was young then, probably less than a year old.

Leo and Max in a kitty carrier

Despite several trips to the vet in it, the kitty carrier was Leo's and Max's preferred sleeping spot for a while.

Of course, that didn't mean they wouldn't sleep in any other warm, cozy places, like my bed.

Leo and Max on my bed
Leo and Max on a scratching post

Here's Leo and Max trying to figure out what to do with the scratching post.

Here's Leo and Max trying to figure out who's boss.

Leo and Max under a chair

Here's Leo and Max under a chair, being annoyed at me for taking their picture.